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Who We Are

Impersonators.com is owned by The Gig Bureau, the folks who brought you Gig Salad. If you're looking for world-class impersonators and tribute bands, you're in the right place.

The Gig Bureau's mission is to make it simple for event planners and venue owners to find and book the talent they need for all types of events. It's why we created GigSalad.com, the place to book entertainers of all types.


If you're looking for gigs, create a PromoKit on GigSalad.com. We have more talent buyers and event planners booking impersonators than ever before. It works!

Talent Buyers:

If you're looking to book impersonators, look-alikes or tribute bands, head over to GigSalad.com, the #1 book-it-yourself spot for impersonators and tributes of all types.

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